Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Requiescat In Pace - in Art Deco style

The 2nd of November was All Souls Day. On the previous day which is All Saints Day, in Goa every cemetery is filled with people decorating the graves and niches of their loved ones. People haul in flowers, candles and bags of lime to give the usually desolate place a colourful look. The candles glow through the night.

The cemetery in my village Velim is an elegant Art Deco structure! The church, rebuilt in 1806, is rather nondescript, with a standard Neo Roman look. The mortuary chapel which was probably remodelled later has a flat, stepped façade and those ubiquitous three lines that seem to feature in almost all Art Deco period structures in Goa. The gate portal, with its clean lines, goes well with the main structure . The gate itself has even got the good ol' sunburst, an Art Deco standard motif. By chance, the sunburst rays in the photo coincide with the façade steps of the mortuary chapel!

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