Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Cross of Curtorim


Aren't there times when you wish I would just quit giving my sermaos on architecture yo ho hum...? Enjoy these images of the Cross at Curtorim in Salcete,South Goa. A picture is worth a thousand words they say, a sequence of pictures tells its own story...


Last photo from David Doyle


menopausal_ballerina said...

this is a good blog.
how often do you update it?

Melanie said...

Hello Sir<
I really liked da documentation u have done....I am an Architect...whilst goin thru ur site...i came to recall about a chapel I had been to in Assonora,near Tivim Railway Station.It rests on a hill top,surrounded by mines...It has been totally abandoned...It was built in 1887...It would be nice if you could make it known to the people of Goa.It is very small but beautiful.
Thank You

Subhashis Das said...

Johar (that's a tribal salutation in our part of the country)Jose,

Visited your blog once all over again. You are very right "A picture does speak a thousand words". The snaps are really stunning which not only explains your understanding for the art but also the Goans' yearning to keep their heritages in shape. condition. You blog seduces me to visit your state one day..