Monday, June 9, 2008

Towers of Light -2

We have seen the Towers of Light or Deep Stambhas of the Mahalsa Temple at Ponda in an earlier post . Let's take a look at the glorious towers of the other prominent temples in Goa. Here is the six-storied deepstambh at the Shantadurga temple at Kavlem. Arched openings in an octagonal plan with capitals, cornices and moulding give it a classical Neo-Roman look.


The Ramnath temple (below) has a similar deepstambh, but its apex is more domelike.

The Ramnath temple at Ponda (above) shares many features of Portuguese era domestic architecture. It has stylish trefoil windows divided into nine panes, a line of consoles supporting the upper floor balconies and moulding at the eaves level.

The lamp tower at the Ananta temple (above) at Savoi Verem, Ponda abandons Neo-Roman details for a more Indian styling with decorative motifs in relief.


The surface decoration of the lamptower continues in the main body of the Ananta temple.

The tower at Nagueshi,Ponda adds an outer screen of multi-foil arches at the fourth level.

The water tank of the Nagueshi temple framed in another multi-foil arch.

The Bhagwati temple at Parshem,Pernem incorporates lamp towers at its entrance portal, thus dwarfing the main temple within.


Jose Pereira explores the evolution of the Goan Temple Lamp Tower in his book 'Baroque India'. From left to right :
1.The Tulxivrindavan of the Mardol Mahalsa temple (demolished)
2. Single storeyed Piazza cross at Santa Cruz/Calapur
3. Double storeyed cross at Holy Spirit Church, Old Goa
4. Six storied lamp tower of Shantadurga temple, Kavlem
5. Corner turret of Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur

(All photographs by Pantaleao Fernandes, from his book '100 Goan Experiences')


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