Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Surreal Sight at Sancoale


You could walk through these portals and still be standing outside!

The first church of Sancoale, which lies in Mormugao taluka today, was founded in 1606 and dedicated to Our Lady of Health. It caught fire in 1834. Its frontispiece still stands on the banks of the Zuari river. The erstwhile Portuguese government had declared it a national monument on 19.3.1937.

Very intricate facade with composite Corinthian pilasters and bas-reliefs all over the place. The alettes (fan shaped quadrants) are a variation on the quarter circle type, they are in the form of a nice free flowing curve. Note again, the ubiquitous sequence of Arch-Rectangle-Oculus in the central bay.

Here again is the facade of Our Lady of Grace from the previous post. Pretty surreal stuff.

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