Sunday, March 4, 2012

Random Shots

The Santa Ana Chapel at Raia in Salcete is crowned by luxurious Rococo curves. The spacious ground in front and the side structures flanking the chapel harmoniously give this little edifice a glorious setting. Add to it the morning sun and you have a magnificent sight to behold! The architects of old knew how to take a humble chapel and turn it into a gorgeous gem. I'm running out of adjectives...

This little house on the NH-17 near Sarzora has its rounded pilasters extending up through the tiled roof shade to expand into rounded capitals at the upper eaves. Gives it a pleasant look. Rounded pilasters are not very common in these old houses.

The three-part shutters of this window of a Velsao house slide vertically upwards. The uppermost panel is fixed. The shutters as well as tri-foliate crown have oyster shell windows. Here are some stunning photographs of oyster shell windows and here is a study of placuna placenta, our useful little oyster chaps.

Another house in Velsao (below) sits quietly by the tracks, recalling better times when its windows weren't deafened by passing trains.

The picture below is an example of coconut stem being used as the bottom member of a king post truss. Pretty neat, huh!

Went down to Cuncolim with some friends. An anthill by the roadside commanded me to stop and pay homage. A few meters ahead was a sati shrine.

"Jai Shree Mata Prasann" says the text over the door. The curvy apsaras of the mural had rather aggressive jaws. Inside the shrine was a sati stone and some coconut offerings. A rather unnerving setting. I didn't hang around for too long.


Jason said...

Referring to the house in Sarzora Ze, it seemed to me that this house's pilasters, were making a reference to one of two possible styles - neo-Gothic probably all the rage in Bombay at the time in which this house was being built; or neo-Manueline, Manueline itself being seen as a certain kind of Gothic.

What is spectacular,is the manner in which these pilasters (am a little uncomfortable calling them pilasters) come together in the capital. Exquisite!

omar perez said...

Ola Lourenco
your pic are shine, and enjoy to my eyes.. thank you for you time and hard work, regards from london.

Omar Perez